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Sales by brand

Sales by brand (in %)

Sales by brand (in %) (pie chart)

In fiscal year 2013, the BOSS core brand reported sales growth of 3% compared to the prior year. The BOSS Green brand saw sales growth of 14% in the same period. BOSS Orange sales were down 6% on the comparable prior-year period, while the HUGO brand reported a year-on-year increase in sales of 11%.

In the reporting period, menswear sales were up 3% on the prior-year level and totaled EUR 2,169 million (2012: EUR 2,097 million). This corresponds to an unchanged share in total sales of 89% (2012: 89%).

It was possible to increase womenswear sales above-trend by 5% to a current EUR 263 million (2012: EUR 249 million). As in the prior year, womenswear made up 11% of total sales.

Brand sales generated with HUGO BOSS products worldwide in fiscal year 2013 came to EUR 5,014 million and were down on the prior-year figure on account of negative currency effects (2012: EUR 5,077 million). Brand sales are calculated as consolidated sales adjusted for income from royalties plus sales with licensed HUGO BOSS partners, whereby the latter and sales with wholesale partners are extrapolated based on retail figures.

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