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Sales Asia/Pacific (in EUR million)

Sales Asia/Pacific (in EUR million) (bar chart)

Share in sales Asia/Pacific 2013 (2012)

Share in sales Asia/Pacific 2013 (2012) (graphics)

At EUR 347 million, sales in the Group's reporting currency in Asia/Pacific in fiscal year 2013 were down 2% on the prior-year period (2012: EUR 353 million). Local currencies’ sales, by contrast, rose 4%.

After currency adjustments, sales increase across all markets in the region

At EUR 211 million, sales in China remained at the prior-year level (2012: EUR 211 million). Adjusted for currency effects, the sales increase was 2%. The still difficult environment in the retail business again burdened the development of sales here. In Oceania, sales totaled EUR 53 million, down 5% year on year (2012: EUR 56 million). Despite the still challenging market environment, it was possible to post a sales increase after currency adjustments of 6%. At EUR 39 million, sales in Japan were down 18% on the prior-year level (2012: EUR 48 million). This development is mainly influenced by the depreciation of the Japanese yen against the euro. After currency adjustments, sales increased by 3% year on year.

In the Group's reporting currency, Asia/Pacific saw a slight decrease of 2% in sales in the Group's own retail business to EUR 274 million (2012: EUR 280 million). In local currency, by contrast, sales in this distribution channel increased by 4% compared to the prior-year period. At EUR 72 million, sales in the Group's reporting currency with wholesale partners were down 1% year on year (2012: EUR 73 million). After currency adjustments, sales in this sales channel were up 3% on the prior-year period.

Profit development Asia/Pacific1

Profit development Asia/Pacific (bar chart)

1 Due to changes in accounting policies and corrections made, certain amounts shown here do not correspond to the figures reported in prior years (for more details see notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements, PDF: (PDF:) Changes in accounting policies/Corrections).

Segment profit down slightly year on year

The segment profit for Asia/Pacific came to EUR 117 million, down slightly on the prior year (2012: EUR 119 million). The improvement in the gross profit margin fully compensated for the increase in fixed costs caused by the expansion of the Group's own retail business. At 33.8%, the adjusted EBITDA margin was slightly above the prior-year level (2012: 33.7%).

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