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Sales royalties (in EUR million)

Sales royalties (in EUR million) (bar chart)

Profit development royalties (in EUR million)

Profit development royalties (in EUR million) (bar chart)

Royalties continued to develop positively

The royalties business developed favorably in fiscal year 2013. The products produced by partners include fragrances, eyewear and watches. Sales with external licensees increased year on year by 2% to EUR 58 million (2012: EUR 57 million). Especially eyewear royalties registered double-digit growth. Fragrance royalties showed a stable development compared to the prior year.

The royalties segment profit came to EUR 49 million, down 2% year on year (2012: EUR 50 million). This is attributable to the other income contained in the prior year, which was generated through the sale of trademarks for the "Baldessarini" fragrance.

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