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Research and development

Season after season, HUGO BOSS has to prove itself on the apparel market and create collections that meet the exacting design and quality standards of customers. The research and development activities at the start of the value chain have a decisive influence on customers' perception of the Company's innovative strength and design competence. In addition, the use of innovative development and processing techniques can make an important contribution to increasing the efficiency of the complete product manufacturing process. Innovation therefore plays a central role in the Company's success and is firmly anchored in the Company's mission statement as one of its five values.

Research and development is a key element in the collection creation process

HUGO BOSS sees research and development (R&D) as an important element in the product development process as a means of transforming a creative idea into a marketable product. This process starts with the systematic identification of fashion trends, an analysis of market and sell-through data and the evaluation of consumer feedback in order to judge customer needs as best as possible. In the product development process in the narrow sense, innovation is primarily expressed in the use of new types of materials, fresh patterns as well as finishing techniques that enhance both quality and efficiency.

Innovation meets tradition at HUGO BOSS

As one of the leaders in the premium and luxury segment of the global apparel market, HUGO BOSS believes it is vital that it presents to customers modern, innovative products season after season to create purchase incentives time and again. At the same time, the customer expects HUGO BOSS to deliver products in every collection with the accustomed high product quality, perfect fit and unmistakable signature design. As a result, the focus of development at HUGO BOSS is both on exacting standards on quality, fit and consistent brand management as well as outstanding and innovative design.

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