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The work of the almost 12,500 people employed by the HUGO BOSS Group worldwide is the basis of the Company's success. The skills of the employees and their passion for fashion find their expression in unmistakable products. The central aim of personnel work in the HUGO BOSS Group is fostering the team spirit and motivation of employees in an international environment, while creating a culture of openness and creativity that allows each and every individual to realize their full potential. HUGO BOSS' corporate values of quality, passion, respect, cooperation and innovation provide the cornerstones.

Corporate values shape culture of collaboration

Over the last two years, a mission statement was drafted for the HUGO BOSS Group as part of the international project COMMIT involving employees from different departments and hierarchy levels from which concrete initiatives were derived. The mission statement "HUGO BOSS inspires people towards success" is founded on the corporate values of quality, passion, respect, cooperation and innovation – values that shape employees' daily work with each other and that reflect the corporate culture. Human resources (HR) management at HUGO BOSS is geared towards breathing life into the values underpinning the mission statement, so that every single employee can make a contribution to the achievement of the Company's goals in the long term with their skills, commitment and their individual personality. In order to anchor these values in daily interaction, they were further refined in the course of a number of activities and workshops held last year and incorporated into the personal objectives of each employee. Sustainability

Personnel strategy supports the Company's growth

The aim of personnel work at HUGO BOSS is to attract the right people to the Company, retain them long-term and systematically support their development so that they can reach their full potential. Offering inspiring and challenging tasks helps ensure that each individual contributes as best they can, thereby fostering the long-term success of the Company. Again in the past year, the focus of HR management was on aligning human resources with the strategic orientation of the Group towards its own retail business. In view of the increasing international nature of operations, special attention was also paid to following up on the efforts already initiated in the past few years to design standardized and transparent processes for personnel recruitment and development across the Group. Another emphasis of personnel work was on leveraging a holistic employer branding campaign to strengthen the market positioning of HUGO BOSS as an attractive employer.

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