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HUGO BOSS acts responsibly. The Group faces up to the challenges that this principle entails both operatively and strategically. The principle of excellence that has its origins in the Company’s self-imposed product-related standards also drives the Company’s actions along the entire value added chain – beginning with development and production processes, continuing through to sourcing and human resources management and ending with social commitment.

With its products, HUGO BOSS wishes to inspire people worldwide to express their individual lifestyle and fully live out their success potential. On their part, customers expect excellent products that also take into account the aspect of sustainability as a permanent element of all processes. By acting responsibly and thinking in the long term, the Group creates added value – for customers, shareholders, business partners, employees and the society as a whole. Sustainability is thus a permanent part of HUGO BOSS’ mission statement, its strategy and its business processes.

In fiscal year 2013, sustainability objectives at HUGO BOSS were derived from the principle “we act responsibly” and existing fields of action were specified and extended. These fields of action form the strategic framework for activities targeted to address the challenges and the expectations of its global stakeholders and to translate them into responsible actions.

Sustainable activities

Sustainable activities (graphics)

The fields of action were specified as part of a materiality analysis. They define the central sustainability challenges for HUGO BOSS and, together with the reporting standard of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), form the basis for future reporting on sustainability achievements and objectives of the Group.

The Group aims to improve in all fields of action and has set itself ambitious goals in accordance with the priorities derived from the materiality analysis. As a means of measuring the Group’s progress and the degree of implementation of these objectives, HUGO BOSS is working towards inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in the medium term.

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