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Professional education is a priority of the Company

HUGO BOSS invests in the vocational training of young people in order to secure its need for professionals. The Company offers a broad spectrum of industrial/technical and commercial apprenticeships as well as combined degree and vocational training courses in collaboration with Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW). During the apprenticeship term, HUGO BOSS considers it very important that general and specialized training and development opportunities are provided, such as in the form of the international assignment of Cooperative State University students to a subsidiary abroad.

Number of apprentices on the rise

In 2013, the number of apprentices and Cooperative State University students passed the 100 mark for the first time (2013:101; 2012: 90). In 2013, 24 apprentices and Cooperative State University students successfully completed their apprenticeship or degree. At the same time, 36 new apprentices and students began their course.

HUGO BOSS reaches out to its talents early on

HUGO BOSS positions itself in the market as an attractive employer for young people. In order to identify and attract talents early, the Company cooperates closely with colleges in Germany and abroad. HUGO BOSS stays in touch with high school and college students through numerous company presentations and workshops, tours at the headquarters in Metzingen, through presentations by employees of various departments at colleges and by organizing competitions for young talents. For instance, the Group maintains very close ties with Reutlingen University and regularly awards project assignments to students with high potential. And since 1986, the Company has been awarding the "HUGO BOSS Fashion Award" to young talented fashion students in cooperation with Staatliche Modeschule Stuttgart. Apart from a cash prize, the winner is offered an internship at HUGO BOSS.

The Company often uses the contacts it establishes with these initiatives to recruit young talents. In 2013, the Company also made initial contact to young talents at ten job fairs.

Internship as a career start

More than 330 interns in total were given the opportunity to gain practical experience in most of the departments of HUGO BOSS in 2013. During their internship, interns can network with each other at events organized especially for them where they can get insights into other departments of the Company. Selected interns can follow up their internship by writing their thesis in the Company. In 2013, HUGO BOSS mentored almost 30 final-year papers. A targeted support program enables ties to outstanding interns to be maintained after they leave HUGO BOSS and to foster their development so that they can be later rehired as qualified employees.

Increasing employer attractiveness

The success of personnel marketing activities and intern mentoring in the past year is reflected, amongst other things, in a further improvement in the Company's position in various rankings of Germany's most popular employers. In addition, HUGO BOSS again received the TOP Internship award in 2013. One of the initiatives that guarantee the high quality standard of the internship program is the organization of regular workshops for designated intern mentors from the various departments.

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